Benefits Plans Requirements

Before any work or activity is authorized in the offshore area, a Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Benefits Plan must be approved by the Board. In general terms, a benefits plan must describe a plan for the employment of Canadians and, in particular, members of the labour force of the province; and for providing manufacturers, consultants, contractors, and service companies in the province and other parts of Canada with a full and fair opportunity to participate on a competitive basis in the supply of goods and services.

A benefits plan must also contain specific provisions to ensure that:

  • Before carrying out any work or activity in the offshore area, the proponent shall establish an office in the province where appropriate levels of decision-making are to take place;
  • Individuals resident in the province shall be given first consideration for training and employment;
  • Expenditures shall be made for research and development to be carried out in the province and for education and training to be provided in the province;
  • First consideration shall be given to services provided from within the province and to goods manufactured in the province, where those services and goods are competitive in terms of fair market price, quality and delivery; and
  • Disadvantaged individuals or groups have access to training and employment opportunities and to enable such individuals or groups or businesses owned or operated by them to participate in the supply of goods and services.

In carrying out this mandate, the Board interacts with governments, industry and the public. The Board encourages offshore proponents to undertake initiatives that will assist business firms in the province to become internationally competitive in the offshore oil and gas industry.