Land Issuance

Active Sectors
Sector Timing
NL03-EN 2-Year Cycle
NL02-LS 4-Year Cycle
NL01-SEN 4-Year Cycle
NL01-NEN 4-Year Cycle
NL01-SN 4-Year Cycle
Active Calls for Nominations
Regions Closing Date
Active Calls for Bids
Regions Closing Date
NL17-CFB01 - Jeanne d’Arc November 8, 2017
NL16-CFB03 - Labrador South November 8, 2017

Closed Sectors

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  • Labrador South Region: Sector NL01-LS

    Eastern Newfoundland Region: Sector NL01-EN

    Eastern Newfoundland Region: Sector NL02-EN

    Active Sectors

    Sectors represent the geographic area for which a call for bids will take place in the scheduled land tenure system. Sectors will be identified at the beginning of the scheduled land tenure process, such that industry will have a known call for bids area with a long lead schedule, allowing additional time for exploration assessment. A sector will be posted via a Sector Identification announcement.

    Sectors will be configured by the C-NLOPB, based upon the Area of Interest nominations received from industry and assessment of lands by the Exploration Department. The C-NLOPB has considered the appropriate size of potential sectors, given the goals and process of the scheduled land tenure system. The size of a sector will be approximately 2 million hectares (ha) or 20 000 km2 and therefore will accommodate roughly nine, 800 section exploration licences (ELs) (the maximum EL size offered by the C-NLOPB). As such, sectors will be large relative to exploration prospects, existing fields and exploration licences. They will be designed to allow for multiple play and prospect types over an extensive geographical area. Sector boundaries will be considered “flexible” for the purpose of parcel design; such that parcels can extend beyond the edge of a sector to properly contain geological features in the subsurface.

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  • Eastern Newfoundland: Sector NL03-EN

    Labrador South Region: Sector NL02-LS

    South Eastern Newfoundland Region: Sector NL01-SEN

    North Eastern Newfoundland Region: Sector NL01-NEN

    Southern Newfoundland Region: Sector NL01-SN
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  • 2017 Calls for Nominations – Area of Interest

    NL17-CFN01 – South Eastern Newfoundland Region

    2016 Calls for Nominations – Area of Interest

    NL16-CFN01 – North Eastern Newfoundland Region

    NL16-CFN02 – Southern Newfoundland Region

    NL16-CFN04 – Eastern Newfoundland Region

    2016 Calls for Nominations – Parcels

    NL16-CFN03 – Labrador South Region – Sector NL01-LS
    NL16-CFN05 – Jeanne d'Arc Region

    2015 Calls for Nominations - Parcels

    NL15-01JDA (Parcels) - Jeanne d’Arc Region
    NL15-01EN (Parcels) - Sector NL02-EN – Eastern Newfoundland Region

    2015 Calls for Nominations - Areas of Interest

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    NL15-01LS Labrador South Region
    NL15-01SEN South Eastern Newfoundland Region

    2014 Calls for Nominations - Areas of Interest

    NL14-01EN Eastern Newfoundland Region

    2014 Calls for Nominations - Parcels

    NL14-01JDA (Parcels) - Jeanne d’Arc Region
    NL14-01EN (Parcels) - Sector NL01-EN

    2013 Calls for Nominations - Areas of Interest

    NL 13-01EN (Eastern Newfoundland Region)
    NL 13-01LS (Labrador South Region)
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  • Calls for Bids 2016

    NL16-CFB01 – Eastern Newfoundland Region

    NL16-CFB02 – Jeanne d’Arc Region

    Calls for Bids 2015

    NL 15-01 (Eastern Newfoundland Region)

    Calls for Bids 2014

    NL 14-01 (Jeanne d'Arc Region)

    Calls for Bids 2013

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    Strategic Environmental Assessment
    NL 13-03 (Area "B" - Western Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Region)

    Scheduled Land Tenure - Exploration Licences

    In 2013, the Board implemented a Scheduled Land Tenure System designed to provide increased timeframes for calls for bids in more frontier areas of the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Area. The Offshore Area has been divided into eight regions under this system, which have been individually categorized as either low activity, high activity, or mature, based on the level of oil and gas exploration and development activities.

    In this system there are three rights issuance timing cycles, corresponding to the activity designations. Low activity – a four year cycle, high activity – a two year cycle, and mature – a one year cycle.

    In the Scheduled Land Tenure System, the rights issuance cycle will commence with a call for nominations (Areas of Interest). The Board will consider all nominations received and assess the nominations to design a sector, which will be announced early in the process, providing the location of the future call for bids. Subsequent to the Sector Identification, a call for nominations (Parcels) will be made requesting nominations of parcels over the previously identified sector. Parcel nominations will be assessed by the C-NLOPB and used in the design of the call for bids.

    Parcel nominations for all other regions not yet publically announced into the Scheduled Land Tenure System are welcome and will be assessed by the Board as received. These nominations would be considered in the one year, call for bids rights issuance cycle.

    The identity of the nominee and information concerning any lands nominated is confidential.


    Land Tenure:
    Stephanie Stack
    Land Tenure Coordinator

    Corina Mitchell
    Legal Administrative Assistant