Eastern Newfoundland SEA

The Eastern Newfoundland Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Report provides information on the existing environment within the SEA Study Area and identifies and highlights key environmental features and considerations which may be associated with future oil and gas activities in the Eastern Newfoundland SEA Area. The 2014 SEA updates the previously conducted Orphan Basin SEA in 2003 and expands its geographic coverage to the south and east.

Eastern Newfoundland Strategic Environmental Assessment

Orphan Basin (2003)


Comments received on the Draft Eastern Newfoundland Strategic Environmental Assessment

Date Record Author
APR 2, 2014 National Defence (DND)
APR 4, 2014 Newfoundland & Labrador Oil & Gas Industries Association (NOIA)
APR 10, 2014 Long Distance Fleet Regional Advisory Council (LDRAC)
APR 11, 2014 North Atlantic Producers Organization (NAPO)
APR 15, 2014 European Commission
APR 16, 2014 Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO)
APR 16, 2014 Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP)
APR 17, 2014 Environment Canada Atlantic Region

Note: If your submission is not listed among the comments received, please resend to information@cnlopb.ca.


Date Update
AUG 5, 2014
MAR 5, 2014
SEPT 13, 2013

The information panels below are placed on display at the consultation sessions

SEPT 9, 2013

Open House & Stakeholder Meetings - Presentation

SEPT 9, 2013

Eastern Newfoundland SEA Update Public Consultation Sessions - Feedback Forms

AUG 30, 2013
AUG 30, 2013
MAY 10, 2013
MAY 8, 2013