Core Storage and Research Centre


The Board’s Core Storage and Research Centre first opened in 1989 and completed an expansion in 2012, increasing its capacity by 900 square metres. The Core Storage and Research Centre archives the following data from all wells drilled in the Canada – Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Area: core, drill cuttings, fluid samples, biostratigraphic slides and petrographic slides. In addition to the well material warehouse, the Centre contains core and cuttings examination rooms and a conference room.

The current inventory contains approximately:

  • 5000 boxes of cutting samples
  • 8000 metres of core
  • 7500 sidewall core samples
  • 40,000 geological slides
  • 200 fluid samples


Location and Hours of Service


The Core Storage and Research Center has re-opened public visitation, with appropriate physical distancing measures in place. Potential visitors to the CSRC are advised to contact (709) 778-1500 or to arrange a booking and learn more about our visitation procedures related to COVID-19.

C-NLOPB Core Storage and Research Centre
30-32 Duffy Place
O’Leary Industrial Park
St. John’s, NL
A1B 4M5

Tel: (709) 778-1500

Core Viewing

Core viewing must be booked in advance by contacting the Core Storage and Research Center as indicated in the Location and Hours of Service above and submitting the completed Well Material Viewing Request form below:

The following fee schedule applies to the use of this facility:

  1. Core examination room (half day rates available) $200.00/day
  2. Conference Room $175.00/day
  3. Washed drill cuttings samples delivered to examination room $2.30/tray
  4. Conventional cores or unwashed cuttings delivered to examination room $2.00/box
  5. Labour and clerical (sample collection, cutting, etc.) $70.00/hour
    (overtime rates will apply after hours)
  6. Drill cutting $2.75/sample
  7. Fluid samples $11.00/sample
  8. Core samples $5.50/sample
  9. Drill cuttings collection bags (purchase) $25.00/100
  10. Washed cuttings vials $0.40 each
  11. Shipping and handling fees will be extra and at cost