Ahmed Ewdia, Ph. D.

Federal Representative of Offshore Employees

Ahmed Ewida holds a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering and a M.Sc. in Civil-Ocean Engineering from Cairo University, as well as a Ph.D. in Civil-Structural Engineering from the University of Calgary. Ahmed has over 40 years experience in engineering, project management, and program management, at the technical, management, and leadership levels. Throughout his career, he has held senior and leadership positions in major companies, including Petro-Canada and Qatar Petroleum. During Hibernia development, he held the positions of Lead Living Quarters Engineer and OLS/Pipeline Project Manager. During Terra Nova development, he held the positions of Engineering Lead, Engineering & Technology Manager, and Far East Project Manager. In all the above positions, Ahmed has extensively interfaced and communicated with the C-NLOPB, in which the safety of personnel and employees, and compliance with the offshore health and safety regulations was the key focus. Throughout his career, Ahmed also conducted numerous independent project reviews on various megaprojects in Canada and overseas.

Ahmed has had numerous papers and presentations published and presented in conferences such as AACE (2023, 2022 & 2021), OTC (2005, 2001 & 1997), and NOIA (2003), as well as a self-published book in 2017. His areas of focus were mainly on project management, project governance, offshore engineering, quality management, offshore certification, operations integrity strategy, and deepwater developments.

For over 25 years, Ahmed volunteered with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). During his position as the Chair of the CSA Canadian Advisory Committee on ISO Offshore Structures Standards, he led the review of the CSA offshore structures standards, assessing alignment with ISO standards, which resulted in adopting most of ISO offshore structures standards as Canadian standards.

Ahmed lives with his wife in Paradise, NL, and they share a son and a daughter. He enjoys a good squash game and is a big fan of Liverpool football club.