Project-Based Environmental Assessments

Husky Energy Jeanne d’Arc Basin Seismic Program

Husky Energy Jeanne d’Arc Basin 3D Seismic Program
– CEAR No. 05-01-8783

Husky Energy has submitted a project description for a proposed 3D seismic program in the Jeanne d’Arc Basin area. The project is listed on the Inclusion List Regulations under the CEAA and requires a Screening level of assessment. The following is a list of document available on the public registry for the project.

30 NOV, 2010Husky Energy
11 AUG, 2009Husky Energy
10 APR, 2008Husky Energy
4 APR, 2008Transmittal of EA Review of 2008 ActivitiesHusky Engery
25 MAY, 2006C-NLOPB
18 MAY, 2006Comments on EA Report UpdateEC
18 MAY, 2006C-NLOPB
18 MAY, 2006C-NLOPB
12 MAY, 2006Comments on EA UpdateDFO
8 MAY, 2006Comments on EA UpdateNLNR
11 APR, 2006C-NLOPB
7 APR, 2006Husky Energy
27 OCT, 2005C-NLOPB EA DeterminationC-NLOPB
25 OCT, 2005Comments on EA AddendumDFO
14 OCT, 2005Transmittal of EA AddendumC-NLOPB
12 OCT, 2005Submission of EA AddendumHusky Energy
12 OCT, 2005Husky Energy
21-Sep, 2005Transit Route Fisheries Analysis for Husky EnergyHusky Energy
21-Sep, 2005C-NLOPB
21-Sep, 2005e-mail Attaching Updated Fisheries Activity Analysis for Transit RouteHusky Energy
21-Sep, 2005Revised Transit MapsHusky Energy
25 AUG, 2005Comments on Addendum to Environmental AssessmentDFO
20-Jul, 2005Updated EA ReportHusky Energy
19-Jul, 2005LGL
5-Jul, 2005Request for Comments on EA ReportLGL
9 JUN, 2005Comments on EADFO
26 APR, 2005Comments on EADept of Fisheries & Aqua
21 MAR, 2005Transmittal of EA ReportC-NLOPB
15 MAR, , 2005Husky Energy
15 MAR, 2005Transmittal of EA Report to CNOPBHusky Energy
21 FEB, 2005C-NLOPB
18 FEB, 2005Comments on Scoping Document & FCR Section 6EC
15 FEB, 2005FCR Section 6 Record of Determination + Comments on draft Scoping DocumentEnvironment Canada
15 FEB, 2005FCR Section 6 Record of Determination + Comments on draft Scoping DocumentDFO
4 FEB, 2005FCR Section 6 Record of DeterminationDND
31 JAN, 2005FCR Section 6 Record of DeterminationTransport Canada
24 JAN, 2005Comments on Scoping DocumentNRCan
19 JAN, 2005Transmittal of FCR & Draft Scoping DocumentC-NLOPB
19 JAN, 2005Draft Scoping DocumentC-NLOPB
18 JAN, 2005Additional Information for Project DescriptionHusky Energy
11 JAN, 2005Husky Energy
11 JAN, 2005Transmittal of Project DescriptionHusky Energy


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