Project-Based Environmental Assessments

Husky Oil Operations Limited White Rose Extension Project

Husky Oil Operations Limited
CEAR No. 12-01-68249

Husky Oil Operations Limited, on behalf of its co-venturers, is proposing the White Rose Extension Project (WREP) at the White Rose Field, northeast Grand Banks. A Wellhead Platform (WHP) option will include activities associated with engineering, procurement, construction, fabrication, installation, commissioning, development drilling, operations and maintenance, decommissioning of a concrete gravity structure (CGS), and construction of up to three drill centres. The WHP will involve construction activities at two locations, the White Rose Field and Argentia, Placentia Bay. A subsea drill centre development option will include development of the West White Rose drill centre and construction of up to three additional subsea drill centres. Drilling of the subsea wells will be done from a mobile offshore drilling unit (MODU). Both development options will be tied back to the existing SeaRose floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel. Construction activities are scheduled to commence in 2013, with petroleum production to begin in 2016 or 2017.

The project was listed on the Inclusion List Regulations under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (S.C. 1992, c. 37)(CEAA) and required a Screening level of assessment. On July 6, 2012, the Minister of the Environment designated the project pursuant to subsections 124(2) and 14(2) of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 (CEAA 2012), so the screening for the project must be continued and completed under the CEAA. C-NLOPB, as the Responsible Authority (RA) respecting the project, must take a course of action under section 20 of the CEAA no later than 365 days after the day on which CEAA 2012 came into force. Pursuant to subsection 124(4) of CEAA 2012, the period taken by a proponent to comply with a request made by an RA to collect information or undertake a study is not included in the calculation of that time limit.

The following is a list of documents available on the C-NLOPB public registry for the project.

13 MAY, 2024Cenovus Energy
8 APR, 2024C-NLOPB
21 MAR, 2024
  • Electronic Transmittal to DFO
13 MAR, 2024Cenovus Energy
13 MAR, 2024Cenovus Energy
11 MAR, 2024
  • Electronic Transmittal to Cenovus
8 MAR, 2024DFO
19 FEB, 2024
  • Electronic Transmittal to DFO
12 FEB, 2024Cenovus Energy
12 FEB, 2024Cenovus Energy
18 DEC, 2023
  • Electronic Transmittal to Cenovus
15 DEC, 2023DFO
13 SEPT, 2023
  • Electronic Transmittal response to DFO
8 SEPT, 2023Cenovus Energy
8 SEPT, 2023Cenovus Energy
16 JUNE, 2023C-NLOPB
16 JUNE, 2023C-NLOPB
8 JUNE, 2023DFO
7 JUNE, 2023FFAW
17 MAY, 2023C-NLOPB
17 MAY, 2023C-NLOPB
12 APR, 2023Cenovus Energy
12 APR, 2023Cenovus Energy
18 SEPT, 2013C-NLOPB
10 SEPT, 2013C-NLOPB
2 AUG, 2013Final Consolidated Addendum and Appendices

Husky Energy
2 AUG, 2013Husky Energy
1 AUG, 2013EC
19 JUL, 2013FFAW
5 JUL, 2013TC
2 JUL, 2013DFO
27 JUNE, 2013C-NLOPB
27 JUNE, 2013C-NLOPB
26 JUNE, 2013Husky Energy
26 JUNE, 2013Husky Energy
24 MAY, 2013C-NLOPB
24 MAY, 2013C-NLOPB
17 MAY, 2013FFAW
14 MAR, 2013Response to EA Addendum

10 MAY, 2013DND
5 MAY, 2013DFO
2 MAY, 2013TC
23 APR, 2013C-NLOPB
23 APR, 2013C-NLOPB
23 APR, 2013Husky Energy
22 APR, 2013Husky Energy
15 MAR, 2013Electronic Transmittal of Consolidated CommentsC-NLOPB
15 MAR, 2013C-NLOPB
15 MAR, 2013C-NLOPB
6 MAR, 2013Response to WREP EA Report

1 MAR, 2013Response to WREP EA Report

28 FEB, 2013NRCan
21 FEB, 2013FFAW
18 FEB, 2013NL DEC
13 FEB, 2013TC
7 FEB, 2013DND
21 DEC, 2012C-NLOPB
21 DEC, 2012C-NLOPB
20 DEC, 2012WREP EA Report and Supporting Documents

Supporting Documents
Husky Energy
20 DEC, 2012Husky Energy
18 DEC, 2012C-NLOPB
18 DEC, 2012C-NLOPB
3 DEC, 2012NL DEC
29 NOV, 2012Gov of NL
23 NOV, 2012C-NLOPB
9 NOV, 2012NL DEC
2 NOV, 2012C-NLOPB and CEAA
30 OCT, 2012NL DEC
25 JULY, 2012Parks Canada
23 JULY, 2012NRCan
17 JULY, 2012C-NLOPB
16 JULY, 2012TC
9 JULY, 2012Comments on Draft Scoping Document and Attachments

26 JUNE, 2012EC
22 JUNE, 2012Industry Canada
20 JUNE, 2012FCR Response and Comments on Draft Scoping Document

20 JUNE, 2012NL DNR
19 JUNE, 2012HC
19 JUNE, 2012NL DEC
8 JUNE, 2012NRCan
7 JUNE, 2012Draft Scoping DocumentC-NLOPB
28 MAY, 2012Husky Energy
28 MAY, 2012Submission LetterHusky Energy


OperatorProjectCEAR #Status
Electromagnetic Geoservices Canada IncControlled Source Electromagnetic Program 2022Completed
BP Canada Energy Group ULCBP Canada Energy Group ULC – Ephesus Prospect Controlled Source Electromagnetic (CSEM) Survey 2020-2024Completed
BHP CanadaBHP Canada EXPL Drilling Project EL 1157 and 1158 Seabed Survey 2020-2025Completed
Equinor Canada Ltd.Equinor Canada Ltd. Central Ridge Exploration Drilling Project 2020-202980175Completed
BHP CanadaBHP Canada Exploration Drilling Project 2019-202880174Completed
BP Canada Energy Group ULCBP Canada Energy Group ULC – Ephesus Prospect ROV Survey 2019-20242022 EA Update Received
Chevron Canada LimitedChevron Canada Limited West Flemish Pass Exploration Drilling Project 2021-203080161Completed
Equinor Canada Ltd.Equinor Bay du Nord Development Project80154Completed
MKIMultiklient Invest AS Newfoundland Offshore Seismic Program, 2018-20232022 EA Update Received
BP Canada Energy GroupBP Canada Energy Group ULC Newfoundland Orphan Basin Exploration Drilling Program, 2017-202680147Completed
CNOOC Petroleum North America ULC (formerly known as Nexen Energy ULC)CNOOC Petroleum North America ULC (formerly known as Nexen Energy ULC) Flemish Pass Exploration Drilling Project 2018-202880117Completed
CNOOCCNOOC Petroleum North America ULC (formerly Nexen Energy ULC) Eastern Newfoundland Offshore Geophysical, Geochemical, Environmental and Geotechnical Program (2018 – 2023)Completed
MKIMultiklient Invest AS Labrador Offshore Seismic Program, 2018-2023Completed
ExxonMobil Canada Ltd.ExxonMobil Canada Limited Eastern Newfoundland Offshore Exploration Drilling Project 2018-2030801322022 EA Update Received
Husky Oil Operations Limited and ExxonMobil Canada LimitedJeanne D’Arc Exploration Drilling Project 2019-202780130Completed
Equinor Canada Ltd. (formerly known as Statoil Canada Ltd.)Equinor Canada Ltd. (Statoil Canada Ltd.) Flemish Pass Exploration Drilling Project 2018-202880129Completed
Polarcus UK Ltd.Polarcus UK Ltd. Eastern Newfoundland Offshore 2D, 3D and 4D Seismic Program, 2016 to 2022Completed
Fugro GeoSurveysFugro GeoSurveys Offshore Seafloor and Seep Sampling Program, 2017-2027Completed
Seitel'sSeitel’s East Coast Offshore 2D 3D 4D Seismic Program 2016-2025Completed
CGGCGG Services (Canada) Inc. Newfoundland Offshore 2D 3D 4D Seismic Program 2016-2025Completed
ExxonMobilExxonMobil Canada Eastern NL Geophysical Program 2015-20242022 EA Update Received
WesternGecoWesternGeco Canada Eastern Newfoundland Offshore Seismic Program, 2015 to 2024Undergoing Amendment
WesternGecoWesternGeco Canada Southeastern Newfoundland Offshore Seismic Program, 2015 to 2024Undergoing Amendment
Suncor Energy IncSuncor Energy’s Eastern Newfoundland Offshore Area 2D/3D/4D Seismic Program, 2014-2024Completed
MG3MG3 (Survey) UK Limited Offshore Labrador Geochemical and Seabed Sampling Program 2015-2024Completed
Hibernia Management and Development Company Ltd.Hibernia Management and Development Company Ltd. 2D/3D/4D Seismic Projects for the Hibernia Oil and Gas Production Field, 2013 to Remaining Life of FieldCompleted
Husky Oil Operations LimitedHusky Oil Operations Limited White Rose Extension Project12-01-68249Completed
Ptarmigan Energy Inc.Ptarmigan Energy Inc. Geophysical Program for Anticosti Basin Offshore Western Newfoundland and Labrador EL 1120; EL 1128 and EL 1127, 2012-202112-01-67282Completed
Husky EnergyHusky Energy Jeanne d’Arc Basin / Flemish Pass Regional Seismic Program, 2012-202011-01-65302Completed
Corridor ResourcesCorridor Resources Old Harry Field Geohazard Survey Program10-01-53529Completed
ExxonMobil Canada PropertiesExxonMobil Canada Properties Hebron Development Project09-03-46144Completed
HMDCHibernia Drill Centres Construction and Operations Program08-01-42279Completed
Husky EnergyJeanne d’Arc Delineation Exploration Drilling Program07-01-28877Completed
PDI Productions Inc.PDI Port au Port Drilling07-01-27358Completed
Petro-CanadaTerra Nova VSP Program06-01-18277Completed
Husky EnergyHusky Energy Drill Centre Construction Installation and Operation Program06-01-17410Completed


OperatorProjectCEAR #Status
ExxonMobil Canada Ltd.ExxonMobil Canada Ltd. Southeastern Newfoundland Offshore Exploration Drilling Project 2020-202980158Terminated
Multi Klient Invest ASMulti Klient Invest AS Northeast Newfoundland Slope Seismic Program, 2012-201711-01-65425Amended and Revised EA Update Received
Chevron Canada LimitedCapelin 3D Seismic Survey of EL 1138 Offshore Newfoundland and Labrador (2018-2021)Withdrawn
Black Spruce Exploration Corp. and Shoal Point Energy Ltd.Black Spruce Exploration Corp. and Shoal Point Energy Ltd. Western Newfoundland Drilling Program, 2013 to 2019Suspended
Corridor Resources Inc.Corridor Resources Inc. Drilling of an Exploration Well on the Old Harry Prospect – EL 1153 (previously EL 1105)11-01-60633Terminated
Electromagnetic Geoservices Canada, Inc.Electromagnetic Geoservices Canada, Inc., Western Newfoundland Controlled Source Electromagnetic Survey, 2017Completed
GX Technology Canada Ltd.GX Technology Canada Ltd. 2D Seismic, Gravity and Magnetic Survey for the Labrador Shelf Area, 2013 to 2018Amended
Bridgeporth Ltd.Bridgeporth Holdings Ltd. and JEBCO Seismic Company North Flemish Pass Gravity Survey, 2015 to 2019Completed
GXTGX Technology Canada Ltd. GrandSPAN Marine 2D Seismic, Gravity and Magnetic Survey, 2014 to 2019Amended
TGS NOPECTGS NOPEC Geophysical Company ASA and Multi Klient Invest AS Offshore Labrador Seafloor and Seabed Sampling Program, Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Area, 2014-2019Amendment Withdrawn
MKIMulti Klient Invest AS Labrador Sea Seismic Program, 2014 to 20182017 EA Update Received
Chevron Canada ResourcesChevron Northern Grand Banks Regional Seismic Program11-01-59815Completed
InvestCan Energy CorporationInvestCan Energy Labrador Seismic Program09-01-51352Completed
Husky EnergyHusky Energy Labrador Shelf Seismic Program09-01-45746Completed
Petro-CanadaPetro-Canada Jeanne d’Arc Basin Exploration Drilling Program08-01-42400Completed
StatoilHydro Canada E&P Inc.Jeanne d’Arc Basin 2008-2016 Seismic Survey Program07-01-32084Completed
PDI Productions Inc.PDI Port au Port 3D Transition Seismic07-01-35915Completed
ExxonMobil Canada PropertiesExxonMobil Hebron Field Geohazard Survey Program09-01-51747Completed
ARKeX Ltd.ARKeX Ltd. and TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company ASA Labrador Sea Gravity Gradient Survey, 2014 to 2018Withdrawn
ARKeX Ltd.ARKeX Ltd. North Flemish Pass Gravity Gradient Survey, 2013 to 2017Withdrawn
Nalcor Energy OilNalcor Energy Oil and Gas Geochemical Data Acquisition and Seabed Sampling Survey, Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Area, 2013-2018Withdrawn
ExxonMobil Canada Ltd.ExxonMobil Canada Properties Geotechnical ProgramWithdrawn
ExxonMobil Canada Ltd.Orphan Basin Controlled Source Electromagnetic SurveyCompleted
Western Geco CanadaWestern Geco Canada Jeanne d’Arc Basin Seismic Program, 2012-201511-01-65320Withdrawn
MKIMKI 2011-2013 Offshore Labrador 2D Seismic Program11-01-59997Completed
Chevron Canada ResourcesChevron Labrador Seismic Program09-01-50533Completed
ConocoPhillipsConocoPhillips 3D and 2D Seismic Program Laurentian Subbasin09-01-50233Withdrawn
C-NLOPBC-NLOPB Core Storage & Research Centre Building Expansion09-01-49976Completed
Deer Lake Oil and Gas IncDeer Lake Oil and Gas Western NL 2D Seismic09-01-47837Withdrawn
Geophysical Service Inc.Offshore Western Newfoundland 2008-2015 Seismic Survey Program07-01-33771Completed
Tekoil & Gas Corporation / Ptarmigan Resources Ltd.Little Port Onshore to Offshore Drilling Program07-01-27609Withdrawn
PDI Productions Inc.PDI Port au Port Seismic07-01-26769Withdrawn
MKIMKI Southern Grand Banks Seismic 2014-2018Revised 2017 EA Update Received
EMGSElectromagnetic Geoservices Canada, Inc. (EMGS) Controlled Source Electromagnetic (CSEM) Survey 2014-2018Amended
Equinor Canada Ltd. (formerly known as Statoil Canada Ltd.)Equinor Canada Ltd. (formerly known as Statoil Canada Ltd.) 2011-2019 Jeanne d’Arc and North Ridge/Flemish Pass Basin Geophysical Program11-01-604112018 EA Update Received
Husky EnergyHusky Energy Sydney Basin Seismic Program09-01-49518Completed
Equinor Canada Ltd. (formerly known as Statoil Canada Ltd.)Exploration/Appraisal/Delineation Drilling Program07-01-320832019 EA Update Received
GSIGSI Labrador Shelf 2D Seismic Program07-01-26768Completed
GSIGSI 2006 Labrador Shelf 2D Seismic Program06-01-18458Completed
TGS NOPECLabrador Shelf 2D Seismic Program06-01-17776Completed
Petro-CanadaPetro-Canada Jeanne d’Arc Basin 3D Seismic Program06-01-17492Completed
Norsk HydroNorsk Hydro Exploration Drilling Program06-01-17412Completed
Norsk HydroNorsk Hydro Wellsite Survey06-01-17411Completed
ConocoPhillipsConocoPhillips Laurentian Subbasin Exploratory Drilling Program05-01-16537Completed
Tekoil & Gas CorporationPort au Port Seismic Program05-01-16258Completed
Petro-CanadaPetro-Canada Terra Nova Geohazard Survey Program05-01-10169Completed
HMDCHibernia Geohazard Survey Program05-01-9936Completed
Husky EnergyLewis Hill Geohazard Survey05-01-9359Completed
GSIGeophysical Service Incorporated Labrador Shelf 2D Seismic Program 200505-01-9159Completed
Husky EnergyHusky Energy Jeanne d’Arc Basin Exploratory/Delineation Drilling Program05-01-9005Completed
Husky EnergyHusky Energy Jeanne d’Arc Basin Seismic Program05-01-8783Completed
Chevron Canada ResourcesOrphan Basin Exploratory Drilling Progam04-03-7972Completed
ConocoPhillipsConocoPhillips Laurentian Subbasin 3D Seismic Program 200504-01-8474Completed
Husky EnergyHusky Energy – Jeanne d’Arc Basin Wellsite Survey04-01-5229Completed
Ptarmigan Resources LimitedPtarmigan Resources Limited – West Coast 2D/3D Seismic Program04-01-4562Withdrawn
TGS-NOPECTGS-NOPEC Labrador Shelf 2D Seismic Program04-01-1564Withdrawn