About Compliance and Enforcement

The Board is responsible for implementing and enforcing provisions of the Atlantic Accord Implementation Acts and the regulations made under it. Implementation and enforcement is accomplished through Officers who perform various duties of auditing, compliance monitoring, inspection and investigation to confirm compliance with the Act and the regulations.

Chief Safety Officer and Chief Conservation Officer

Pursuant to the legislation, the Board appoints the Chief Safety Officer (CSO) and the Chief Conservation Officer (CCO).

The CSO is responsible for administering the health and safety provisions in the Acts for the safety and the protection of workers in the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Area.

The CCO is responsible for administrating the sections of the Acts pertaining to conservation of oil and gas resources and for protection of the environment in the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Area. Conservation of resources includes seeing that oil and gas resources is extracted in a manner that produces the maximum amount of oil and gas recovered.

An order by the CSO shall prevail over any order by the CCO in the event conflicting orders are issued.

Safety Officers and Conservation Officers

Pursuant to the legislation, the federal minister and the provincial minister jointly designate Safety Officers and Conservation Officers.

There are two types of Safety Officers: Operational Safety Officers and Occupational Health and Safety Officers. Operational Safety Officers are limited to Part III of the Act and such Officers should not perform activities to verify compliance with Part III.I of the Act. Occupational Health and Safety Officers have no authority to verify compliance with Part III requirements, only Part III.I.

Safety Officers confirm compliance with safety and occupational health and safety legislative requirements, conditions of authorization and the operator’s safety plan.

There are two types of Conservation Officers: Environmental Compliance Officers and Resource Management Conservation Officers. The Environmental Compliance Officer confirms compliance with the acts, regulations, conditions of authorization, and commitments in their environmental assessments. The Resource Management Conservation Officer confirms waste is not occurring and compliance with the Act, regulations or conditions of authorizations or licences.

Officers Powers

Officers’ powers include the ability to:

  • enter any place on land or offshore used in connection with any work or activity;
  • test, examine or inquire or direct another to perform these tasks;
  • take photographs and make drawings;
  • require the production of books, records, etc., for inspection or copying;
  • take samples; and
  • require individuals with knowledge relevant to the inspection to furnish information orally or in writing.