Notices of Non-Compliance and Orders to Comply

Non-Compliance is failure to obey a law or failure to comply with any authorization or approval of petroleum-related work or activity conducted by an operator or person with regulatory responsibilities granted within the authority of the Accord Acts. An Order to Comply is a direction from a Safety Officer or the Chief Safety Officer directing or ordering a person to correct a deficiency that is causing or has caused a compliance issue and which could constitute an offense. An Order to Comply may be issued when it appears a person is ignoring or slow to respond to a non-compliance or other non-compliance. An Order to Comply will be issued in writing and will include the reference to the section of the Act or regulation giving rise to the noncompliance, the reasons for issuing the Order to Comply, the conditions that must be complied with and where applicable, the process available to appeal the instruction. Failure to comply with an order of a Safety Officer or Chief Safety Officer is an offence under the Acts.