Incident Disclosure 2021

Injured worker on Hebron Support Vessel

August 23, 2021

ExxonMobil Canada has reported an incident that occurred on August 20, 2021 in which a worker on the Avalon Sea support vessel was injured while supporting activities associated with lifeboat winch load testing on the Hebron installation. Lifeboat #3 had been lowered to the deck of the Avalon Sea in preparation for the test.  When starting to hoist the test weight, a twist in the rigging was noted and an ‘all stop’ was called. While attempting to unhook the rigging and remove the twist, the line became tensioned due to vessel movements and when released the rigging made contact with a crew member’s face resulting in injuries requiring treatment.

The injured worker was transferred to the Hebron platform for treatment by the platform nurse and was then transferred  by medevac to the Health Sciences Centre where they were treated and released.

There was an immediate stand-down of load testing operations on the Avalon Sea after the incident, and the Operator has commenced an investigation.

The C-NLOPB is monitoring ExxonMobil’s investigation of the incident.

Media Contacts:

ExxonMobil Canada
Margot Bruce-O’Connell
Public and Government Affairs
(709) 746-8383

Tim Murphy
Director, Regulatory Coordination and Public Engagement
(709) 682-8971

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