Incident Disclosure 2010

Helicopter Returns to Henry Goodrich

December 20, 2010

A helicopter has departed from Torbay with two pilots, two Flight Engineers and three SAR techs on board heading to the Henry Goodrich. They will hoist the two Flight Engineers to the Henry Goodrich. The chopper will then go and land on the GSF Grand Banks for fuel and wait for approximately 30 minutes.

The Flight Engineers will download data and see if they can fix the problem. If they can make repairs, they will do this and the chopper can return to base. If they cannot make repairs then the Flight Engineers will either be hoisted back to the helicopter and return to Torbay, or they will stay on the Henry Goodrich and the helicopter will return to Torbay.

Incident Disclosures 2010

Dec 21, 2010Helicopter Returns to Cougar Base
Dec 20, 2010Helicopter Returns to Henry Goodrich
Dec 20, 2010Helicopter Remains on the Henry Goodrich
Dec 20, 2010Helicopter Returns to Henry Goodrich