Incident Disclosure 2019

Update – Status of Spill at White Rose Field

January 18, 2019

Plugging of Flowline and Recovery of Flowline Connector

Husky’s plan for plugging of the flowline and recovery of the failed flowline connector continues to be assessed by the C-NLOPB, in consultation with partner agencies. The C-NLOPB and partner agencies are continuing to meet with Husky regarding the proposed approach prior to Husky’s plan being approved for implementation.

In the meantime, the C-NLOPB continues its investigation into the mid-November incident.

Flushing and Testing – Central Drill Centre

Last week, the C-NLOPB reviewed and approved Husky’s plan to flush the flowlines in the central Drill Centre (CDC) back to the SeaRose, and to integrity test those flowlines using seawater.

Flushing was completed in recent days with Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) coverage and aerial surveillance, with Tier 1 spill response equipment available on scene. Leak testing of the flowlines is ongoing and will continue in the coming days. Further discussion with the operator will be required prior to C-NLOPB approval being granted for Husky to resume production from the CDC. Those discussions are ongoing.

The CDC is on an independent loop to the SeaRose and is not affected by the situation at the South White Rose Extension Drill Centre, where the mid-November spill occurred.

Media Contact:

Lesley Rideout
Communications Lead
c. 709-725-2900

January 18, 2019 (4:00 PM, St. John’s time)

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