Mapping Information and Shapefiles

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Mapping Information

For information on the land division system in the Canada Oil and Gas Land Regulations, please visit:,_c._1518/page-2.html#h-4

For licence descriptions, please visit the List of Registry Abstracts.

For legal descriptions of Sectors and Call for Bids Parcels, please visit applicable Land Issuance tabs.

For legal descriptions of the Land tenure region please visit Scheduled Land Tenure.


Disclaimer: Shapefiles are for illustrative purposes only. The NAD27 legal description for Licences, Sectors, Call for Bids Parcels, and Land Tenure Regions should be used for the most accurate representation. The Final Survey Plan in the End of Well Report should be used for the most accurate location of wells.

For a geo-spatial representation in shapefile format of the land division system please visit the dataset entitled “Oil and Gas Grid data” which can be found at: