Codes of Practice

A Code of Practice is a set of written rules which explains how people working in particular occupations or workplaces should act. Section 205.016 (citations to Federal Accord Act for ease of reference) provides authority for the Chief Safety Officer (CSO) to mandate that an operator put an occupational health and safety code of practice in place, or adopt one chosen by the CSO, with respect to its workplaces, activities carried out there and the transportation of employees to or from such workplaces. The CSO can also revise a code they impose, or require an operator to revise a code it has established for itself. Similarly, section 205.021 of the Accord Act gives the CSO the power to mandate or impose (and revise) a code of practice with respect to an employer in relation to a workplace under the employer’s control or any work or activity carried out at any of those workplaces.