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Notice: Effective September 23, 2014, the C-NLOPB has a new URL address www.cnlopb.ca. Please discontinue using www.cnlopb.nl.ca and update your bookmarks and favorites accordingly. C-NLOPB e-mail addresses will also be changed by removing “.nl” and contact lists should be revised as appropriate.

2020, Jun 26Near Miss on the Hebron Platform
2020, Jun 19Unauthorized Discharge from the SeaRose FPSO
2020, Jun 11C-NLOPB Announces 2020 Call for Bids in the Eastern Newfoundland Region
2020, Jun 11C-NLOPB Issues New Sector Information for Scheduled Land Tenure - Eastern Newfoundland Region
2020, Jun 3Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, the Atlantic Canada Offshore Training and Qualifications Committee (TQC), working with regulators, have made a recent change to the timeline for requirements to obtain training.
2020, Jun 2The Atlantic Canada Offshore Petroleum Training and Qualifications Committee (TQC) has finalized the 2020 version of the Atlantic Canada Offshore Petroleum Standard Practice for the Training and Qualifications of Offshore Personnel which is now available on our website. The TQC was formed as a collaborative, multi-stakeholder committee by the regulatory authorities, offshore petroleum industry operators and drilling contractors to support and oversee the development of an offshore Atlantic Canada training standard that outlines the minimum qualifications and certified training required of individuals working in Atlantic Canada’s offshore petroleum industry.
2020, Jun 1Fire on Terra Nova FPSO
2020, May 28The following abstract has been updated: SDL 203
2020, May 11The following Exploration Licence has been issued: EL 1165
2020, Apr 9C-NLOPB Response to COVID-19 – April 9 Update
2020, Apr 3A Message from the CEO
2020, Mar 31In light of the increased electronic transfers, reduced courier traffic and continued efforts in physical distancing, effective immediately the C-NLOPB Information Resources Centre is reducing the onsite hours to Tuesdays and Thursdays between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm. Whenever possible we ask that you continue to submit information in an electronic format via our information@cnlopb.ca email account, or provide access to an SFTP site for CNLOPB Information Resources staff to download information.
2020, Mar 28Our Substitutions/Exemptions - Public Submissions page has been updated
2020, Mar 24C-NLOPB Response to COVID-19 – March 24 Update
2020, Mar 22C-NLOPB Issues Order Respecting Essential Employees
2020, Mar 19Please be advised that our Information Resources Centre will only be staffed between 10:00 – 14:00, Monday – Friday until further notice. For general inquiries and requests, please contact information@cnlopb.ca.
2020, Mar 17Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board Response to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
2020, Mar 10Government of Canada appointment opportunity for Federal C-NOPB Board member position, now available
2020, Feb 20Collaborating for Safety and Sustainability: A Continuous Improvement Plan
2020, Feb 10C-NLOPB Data Acquisition Guidelines have been updated
2020, Jan 28The C-NLOPB Annual Report is now available