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Notice: Effective September 23, 2014, the C-NLOPB has a new URL address www.cnlopb.ca. Please discontinue using www.cnlopb.nl.ca and update your bookmarks and favorites accordingly. C-NLOPB e-mail addresses will also be changed by removing “.nl” and contact lists should be revised as appropriate.

2018, Sep 13Regional Assessment of Offshore Oil and Gas Exploratory Drilling East of Newfoundland and Labrador – Public Comments Invited
2018, Sep 13Évaluation régionale du forage exploratoire extracôtier pétrolier et gazier à l'est de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador — Période de consultation publique
2018, Aug 30C-NLOPB Issues Calls for Nominations for Offshore Land Parcels
2018, Aug 24The Quarterly Safety Incident Report is now available in the Safety Statistics section of our website.
2018, Aug 24The new Unauthorized Discharge Incident Data Report and Reservoir Gas Spill Incident Data Report are now available in the Environmental Statistics section of our website.
2018, Aug 23The 2017-2018 C-NLOPB Annual Report is now available
2018, Aug 21Public Information Meetings will be held in Port Hope Simpson, Cartwright, and Mary’s Harbour this week, regarding the Labrador Shelf Offshore Area Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Update
2018, Aug 15C-NLOPB Releases Final Enquiry Report into the SeaRose Ice Incursion Incident
2018, Aug 15The following abstracts have been updated: SDL 1042 and SDL 1046
2018, Jul 3Scheduled Land Tenure Announcement: Eastern Newfoundland Region Sector Identification
2018, Jun 11The following abstracts have been updated: SDL 1011, SDL 1012, SDL 1042 and SDL 1046
2018, May 28Deadline for submissions for Call for Expressions of Interest/Pre-Qualification for Diving Consultant Services is June 11, 2018.
2018, May 23The following abstract has been updated: EL 1122
2018, May 17The exchange of correspondence between Corridor Resources and C-NLOPB regarding potential reactivation of environmental assessment has been posted on our website. Information on participant funding available for the Corridor Resources Inc. Old Harry Exploration Drilling Project Environmental Assessment can be found here.
2018, May 15C-NLOPB Issues Notice of Non-Compliance to Suncor Energy and Commences Formal Investigation
2018, May 8C-NLOPB Remarks to Advisory Panel on Marine Protected Area Standards, presented by Scott Tessier, Chair and CEO, now available.
2018, Apr 30The Discovered Reserves and Resources table has been updated to include the new Bay du Nord Resource number.
2018, Apr 24The final Policy Respecting Public Disclosure of Incidents and Related Information is now available.
2018, Apr 23The following abstracts have been updated: EL 1120, EL 1125 and EL 1126
2018, Apr 5C-NLOPB Announces 2018 Calls for Bids in the Eastern Newfoundland and Jeanne d’Arc Regions