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Hebron Development Application Filed With the C-NLOPB

For Immediate Release
April 21, 2011

Hebron Development Application Filed With the C-NLOPB
April 21, 2011
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On April 15, 2011 ExxonMobil, on behalf of the Hebron proponents, filed the following documents with the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (C-NLOPB) in connection with the development application for the Hebron project:

  1. Development Application Summary
  2. Development Plan
  3. Socio-economic Impact Statement and Sustainable Development Report

These documents have been posted to the Board’s website.

The C-NLOPB has commenced a review of these documents to confirm that they contain the information outlined in the Board’s development plan guidelines. Once that process is complete, the Board will initiate a public review whereby any interested groups will be afforded the opportunity to comment. The exact form of the public review will be announced in due course. In the meantime, the Board has provided public notice that the application has been filed.

The proponent has yet to file the benefits plan and other supporting documentation in connection with the application. The Proponent has indicated that this information will be provided by late April or early May at which time the Board will post these documents to its website as part of its ongoing focus on improved openness and transparency.

Correspondence with the proponent and with the governments in connection with the Hebron development application have also been posted to the Board’s website.

The Board wishes to emphasize that the review currently underway is only with respect to completeness of the application. A review of the merits of the project will not commence until the Board is satisfied that it has received a complete application.

Media Contact:
Sean Kelly M.A., APR, FCPRS
Manager of Public Relations
(709) 778-1418
(709) 689-0713 (cell)

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