Project-Based Environmental Assessments

The Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (C-NLOPB) undertakes an Environmental Assessment (EA) of petroleum exploration and production works or activities proposed for the Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Area for which an EA, pursuant to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act 2012 (CEAA 2012) is not required. EAs required by the C-NLOPB are referred to as Accord Act EAs.

Accord Act EAs and their associated documentation, as well as EAs conducted under CEAA 2012 are available on this website. It lists documents available to the public that pertain to the EA process. The "Active" and "Completed" columns list EAs that are ongoing or have been recently completed. Each project found below links to a list of documents related to the EA. Information from the "Archived" column can be obtained by sending a request to the Board’s Information Resources Department. All documents listed are available to the public. For more information or to obtain copies of any of the documents listed, please send a request to

Designated Projects under CEAA 2012, are managed by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEA Agency). Comments on Designated Projects should be sent to the CEA Agency. Details on these projects may be found here:

Operator Project CEAR # Status
MKI Completed and 2018 EA Update Received
Electromagnetic Geoservices Canada, Inc. Completed
Fugro GeoSurveys Amended and 2018 EA Update Received
Seitel Completed
CGG Completed
ExxonMobil 2018 EA Update Received
WesternGeco Undergoing Amendment
WesternGeco Undergoing Amendment
GX Technology Canada Ltd. 2018 EA Update Received
Suncor Energy Inc. Completed
Bridgeporth Ltd. Completed
MG3 2016 EA Update received
Hibernia Management and Development Company Ltd Amendment Withdrawn
GXT Amended and 2018 EA Update Received
TGS NOPEC Undergoing Amendment
MKI 2017 EA Update Received
MKI Revised 2017 EA Update Received
EMGS Amended
Husky Oil Operations Limited 12-01-68249 Completed
Ptarmigan Energy Inc. 12-01-67282 Completed
Husky Energy 11-01-65302 2017 EA Update Received
Equinor Canada Ltd. (formerly known as Statoil Canada Ltd.) 11-01-60411 2018 EA Update Received
Corridor Resources Inc. 10-01-53529 Completed
ExxonMobil Canada Properties 09-03-46144 Amended
Husky Energy 09-01-49518 Completed
HMDC 08-01-42279 2018 EA Update Received
Equinor Canada Ltd. (formerly known as Statoil Canada Ltd.) 07-01-32083 2018 EA Update Received
Husky Energy 07-01-28877 Amended-2018 EA Update Received
PDI Productions Inc. 07-01-27358 Completed
Petro-Canada 06-01-18277 Completed
Husky Energy 06-01-17410 2017 EA Update Received
Operator Project CEAR # Status
Multi Klient Invest AS 11-01-65425 Amended and Revised EA Update Received
Chevron Canada Resources 11-01-59815 Completed
Investcan Energy Corporation 09-01-51352 Completed
Husky Energy 09-01-45746 Completed
Petro-Canada 08-01-42400 Completed
StatoilHydro Canada E&P Inc. 07-01-32084 Completed
PDI Productions Inc. 07-01-35915 Completed
ExxonMobil Canada Properties 09-01-51747 Completed
ARKeX Ltd. Withdrawn
ARKeX Ltd. Withdrawn
Nalcor Energy Oil Withdrawn
ExxonMobil Canada Withdrawn
ExxonMobil Canada Ltd. Completed
Western Geco Canada 11-01-65320 Withdrawn
MKI 11-01-59997 Completed
Chevron Canada Resources 09-01-50533 Completed
ConocoPhillips 09-01-50233 Withdrawn
C-NLOPB 09-01-49976 Completed
Deer Lake Oil and Gas Inc 09-01-47837 Withdrawn
Geophysical Service Inc. 07-01-33771 Completed
Tekoil & Gas Corporation / Ptarmigan Resources Ltd. 07-01-27609 Withdrawn
PDI Productions Inc. 07-01-26769 Withdrawn
GSI 07-01-26768 Completed
GSI 06-01-18458 Completed
TGS NOPEC 06-01-17776 Completed
Petro-Canada 06-01-17492 Completed
Norsk Hydro 06-01-17412 Completed
Norsk Hydro 06-01-17411 Completed
ConocoPhillips 05-01-16537 Completed
Tekoil & Gas Corporation 05-01-16258 Completed
Petro-Canada 05-01-10169 Completed
HMDC 05-01-9936 Completed
Husky Energy 05-01-9359 Completed
GSI 05-01-9159 Completed
Husky Energy 05-01-9005 Completed
Husky Energy 05-01-8783 Completed
Chevron Canada Resources 04-03-7972 Completed
ConocoPhillips 04-01-8474 Completed
Husky Energy 04-01-5229 Completed
Ptarmigan Resources Limited 04-01-4562 Withdrawn
TGS-NOPEC 04-01-1564 Withdrawn